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Before embarking on your journey of establishing a food and drink business, equip yourself with all the essential knowledge you need to know in order to run a successful operation.


Explore the best ways of testing your business idea and challenging it with all the available financial figures. Learn about the numbers that you should have in mind in order to make the business a profitable one. We will talk about the process of choosing suppliers, effectively managing the stock and talk about staffing and building a team amongst many other aspects of your business.


There is also the opportunity to find out about the necessary legal requirements and the importance of finding a suitable property. The event will cover:

  • Coming up with the Idea & Market Research

  • Generating a plan

  • Suppliers and Stock, Staffing

  • Legal requirements

  • Choosing the right property

  • Apps and technologies

  • The numbers and percentages that you need to know


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How to Start and Run a Successful Restaurant or Coffee Bar, The British Library,  May 25, 2018

Front Of House Skills For Restaurant People - 2 Days Course - COMING SOON!


Aimed at anyone who wants to work in the hospitality industry, this course will teach valuable front of house skills that focus on customer service and the practical elements of working in a bar or restaurant. The course covers::


  • Delighting your customers and dealing with complaints.

  • How brilliant waiters/resses act? The customer journey and steps of service.

  • Coffee knowledge: why a Kenya in the morning and a French Roast after dinner? We will try many coffees.

  • Laying and serving tables. Why is that fork on the right... or the left? Do you know how to carry a tray?

  • Bar work essentials: setting it up, basic ingredients. Angostura anyone?

  • Basic beer and spirits knowledge.

  • Basic wine knowledge: can you tell the difference between a merlot and a cab sauv?

  • Stock take, interim counts, stock holding, ordering and deliveries procedures, returns.

  • Wastage: how it affects you? How can we minimize it?

  • Health & Safety and Food Safety issues: what usually goes wrong in restaurants?

  • Professional behaviour and presenting yourself.

  • How to find out and learn more about your company missions/visions/expectations/brand standards?

  • Basics of Licensing Law: can that 17 year old customer order a glass of wine?