Opening any new business, and particularly anything food related, can be a hugely rewarding experience. However, at the same time, taking those first few steps can be a little daunting, especially if you haven't run your own business before. This is exactly where Foodication comes in.


Everyone needs a little support from time to time, and our experience can help ensure your project gets off the ground quickly and successfully.

Do you want to take your passion for food to the next level? Starting a restaurant is definitely a huge task and you may be comfortable with some aspects of what this will entail, but not others, and this is where Foodication can step in.


We can help your business get off to a strong start with a successful opening plan, put you in touch with excellent culinary and technical professionals, and ensure the fundamentals are in place for your business to be quickly running in profit. You can lean on us for help with navigating regulations, health and safety, food safety and any other queries that you will want to clarify from time to time.

Services for Start-Ups

Thinking of starting a restaurant?

Do you have an idea for a food related item but not sure if it will take off commercially? Foodication will be happy to assess the feasibility of your product, as well as suggesting the avenues you could use to best market it - whether that be through food stalls, pop up stores, supper clubs, events or private functions.


This process is ideal for those people looking for an initially low-risk initiative - something that might start as a weekend hobby and grow into something bigger with the right guidance.


Non-disclosure agreements are available with all discussions held with us.

Or got a different foodie idea?

See your idea become a successful commercial reality

Need help to ensure that your new business gets off the ground quickly and successfully? If you've got a passion to start your own restaurant, cafe or street food stall, use our expertise to give you a head start. To enquire about how we could assist you with creating a step by step plan, email us with a brief description of your proposed business.